Yet another sports IWC!

I wondered if I might keep this, however when I picked it up from the IWC boutique the sales guy insisted that I wear it as I left the shop “for safety” and I immediately got anxious that I wasn’t getting my Fitbit steps :laughing: So it’s going.

This is an IWC Mark XII ref IW3241, steel on a steel mesh bracelet, 36mm diameter case, automatic. A JLC ébauche IIRC.

Comes with a shitheap of paperwork including the original receipt from its sale in Hong Kong in 1998, a service receipt from WOS in 2006, and the IWC paperwork from its service a couple of days ago (cost £640).


  • the original buffalo strap with IWC tang buckle - I never rated these
  • two spare links - danger! You can’t change this yourself unless you are a fairly handy nerd with the appropriate tools - two screwdrivers and a vice
  • the original box - danger! This is totally trashed. It looks like it’s been in contact with water at some point and is flaking badly. Only included for completeness.

It retains the “fish crown” however I think the hands are newer luminova rather than tritium.

I can see the same model without box or papers on C24 for a negotiable £5k.

£4k to anyone I know on here.

edit: two spare links, not one. I’ve got myself into a right pickle over this today.



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Freshly serviced? Bargain at that :ok_hand:

6k set aside for the Explorer (which I will get - dealer has reassured me).
Want, but it’s the same sort of watch.

Hhnnngggg. Still want.

Absolutely - the obvious comparison is the 36mm Explorer 1.

I tried a similar IWC at Dom’s a few years ago and the bracelet was superb, better than a Rolex.
But you have had your heart set on an Explorer for a long time, not sure how you would feel if you bought this and got ‘the call’ a week later.

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The Explorer is taking a while as they haven’t had many in, but after fronting the dealer up they have said I will get one.

Bad timing maybe. I’d like to try the IWC on, as I wouldn’t get anything blind. I’d be happy to have both, but it’s just a little too much!

Been a few used Exploders showing-up on watch forums at below retail in the last few months, so if you’re a) not in a hurry and b) don’t mind used, you may even find you can afford both a few months from now…

I can afford both.
Question is more: should I?

I’ve not seen any used 124270 below retail and I’m set on a new one, as you would be if you can get a new one.

Probably a grand too much (for me, not the valuation). I was looking at a weekend watch for under 3k but wanted something “different”. I may still relent and acquiesce… but unlikely as they are very similar.

Don’t buy any of those speakers, buy my stuff instead. It takes up much less room.

The best iteration of this model (barring the original Mark XI - was it @Waxy who has one of those?) on the best bracelet that IWC ever made.

Crisp & minty.


Yeah… this one

But it’s not for sale, so BUY THE OTHER ONE.


The weekend FT tells us that 36mm is the new 40mm, so it’s a bump for this puppy.

Stay bang on-trend with this slice of neo-vintage perfection.

Also, I need to sell it so I can get the Vacheron serviced and flog that too :laughing:

£3.5k fire sale before Chrono24 :frowning_face:

Sad times, love these watches and still under IWC service warranty. Bargain


Hi. Is this watch still available? I have stumbled across your post and just created an account to be able to reply to you. Thanks. Anthony

It wasn’t Dom that had it for sale
You should direct your reply to the seller @Gyroscope

OK - Thanks Kevin.

Hi Anthony.

Since the ad went up this watch has struggled a bit, been repaired again, and if I’m honest it’s still a bit twitchy around the date quickset :smile:

That said, I’m wearing it right now because a) it’s a nice watch and b) it’s not particularly saleable given the condition it’s in.

Sorry about that.

If a mod could close the thread please.

OK - Thanks for the update anyway. Best of luck.

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