Job lot of classical LPs

50 LPs and 10 box sets

Have randomly taken out quite of few of the records and they all look in good to very good condition.
Noticed 3 of the covers need re gluing

Had to buy these a while back,or the bloke wouldn’t sell me his hi fi :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Guessing most could do with a clean as they have been sitting around for ages

£90 posted

The cover of the Carnival is going to keep me awake at night.

GLWS by the way.

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Stu what pressings are the Carmen and Fidelio Boxes?

I have that version of Zauberflote. It’s fantastic.

Will give it a listen this week

Many thanks Stu

£80 posted or £70 if you want to pick up will be in Bristol next Friday

Last call £ 50 if anyone wants to pick them up

Nobody ever buys job lots. You’re better off selling them individually on eBay, that can actually work quite well.


Just being lazy as I do ebay at work most days

Dealers do every day, eBay Job lots are the way to go.

Ok, individuals don’t buy job lots, but might spend the same amount on a single one of the items if listed individually and graded. They want a single item of value, not a random collection even if it includes real gems.

I agree it can be well worth buying job lots and doing the work yourself