Job lot of kit

A old friend is clearing out some kit. A dealer has offered £550 plus collection from his home in Northants. Anyone interested in making a better offer or any thoughts ? He doesn’t want to sell on eBay etc. All owned from new and a top bloke.


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Reckon I could get £1.5- £2k for that lot if I stuck it on eBay and offered EU shipping.
So a dealer offering £550 is about right.

The minidisc player fetches big money in Germany £600+ maybe double that - some faulty ones have gone for over a grand.:scream: Pity he doesn’t have the box.

Tape deck around £150

Sony SACD/DVD player £150+

The Marantz receiver if working in good cosmetic shape could be worth £500+

The Musical Fidelity bits £100 each

Even the headphones could be worth £100+

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£550 collected, I’d take that and run :slightly_smiling_face:

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I thought the md player might be the pick.

The old receiver is in good nick and working as far as I know. It’s a big lump.

It doesn’t sound as if worth listing all individually on here.