Saw it last night. Bleak, depressing, of the moment. Well made, good performances. I liked it and thought it was very good.

I think it should have been an 18 not a 15.

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I agree - I thought that the overall content was 18 standard, and the violence merited that. While the latest Tarantino was slightly more extreme, it was marginal, and most of the Tarantino was quite pleasant to watch!

Shhh…don’t wake the consolidation imbeciles, they fucking live for this shit.


I pretty much agree with all of this:

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Finally saw it today. Absolutely superb. Quite harrowing viewing, but equally riveting. Incredible performance from Phoenix. Agree re the certificate.

Capitol Cinema, Bodmin is really nice, also.


Still massively reflecting on the film this morning… scanning online reviews, to see if my views are echoed. Always a good sign when a film lingers in your consciousness like that.

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I found exactly the same - I wanted to see if my views tallied. Always a good sign.


Going to see it again tomorrow. A mate wants a companion and his wife doesn’t fancy it. I’m hoping I get more from it second time around as Monday’s viewing didn’t live up to the hype.

‘You were never really here’ is worth watching for JP performance alone. My interest in this film, I must admit is driven by the fact that it captures this actor at the peak of his powers.
Feel the need to go see. Birthday treat for the wife.


And it certainly does.

Enjoyed it more this time. JP does give a great performance taking full advantage of playing a fictional comic book character and obviously understands that the role is about perception and not accuracy. What I still can’t understand is people (critics like Gompertz) trying to make this film something it certainly isn’t. Despite the often slow and tortured performance this is still an origin film about the supervillain arch enemy of a man dressed as a bat, at no point are you not aware of where Arthur is heading. It is not a film flirting with reality.


Looking forward to seeing this Thursday. Probably got more to do with the fact that my last cinema visits were Dumbo, Coco and Mary Poppins.

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I deny everything.