JP's car - I Ignored the Advice and Bought What I'd Already Decided on


Most cars in Oz are Autos. I would hire something “interesting” on a weekend and always went Manual. It was fun.
Even on UK roads, I still enjoy the actual driving part. Yes, sometimes it’s a pain when stuck in crawling traffic.
I often get Autos when renting in Europe due to groups I reserve. I don’t mind them for a short time but they are just transport on that occasion.
But overall, unless something significant changes in my life, I can’t see me going Auto again for a while.


We had an auto when we lived in the states (several hundred years ago) and I was keen to get back in a manual when we returned here.

I also have a, perhaps childish, attachment to being able to drive one. When I got my licence it was possible to get an ‘autos only’ version (I guess it still is). But then you were ‘only’ allowed to drive autos. That felt a bit like ‘only’ being allowed to see grown-up films if your parents took you and ‘only’ being allowed to put a new electrical socket in your kitchen if you’re Part P qualified. The day may come when I can’t tie my shoelaces any more and the care home will make me wear slip-ons. I actively don’t wear slip-ons now, even though I’ve got no real objection to them, because I don’t want to lose the knack of tying my shoelaces. I don’t want an automatic for much the same reason.



I think what helped me along to the dark side of the auto was the Porsche PDK; dual clutch auto with paddles.


99.5% of my driving is commuting, I WANT AN AUTO PLEASE!


if you translate that into morse code, it spells cunt :wink:


I thought it was a flute riff


Current Volvo cunt-truck is auto with completely unused tiptronic bollox, which has utterly convinced me that changing gears manually is a waste of time.


I don’t need to spell it :unamused:



I never knew you had a Porsche…


I think he mentioned it once before.


Damn ! I must have missed it :unamused:


Did I mention I had a Porsche? Did I mention it might be gone by the new year


Trading up to an Astramax van in shit fast red?


I doubt it


Only if you put a REALLY prestigious, better than anyone else’s badge on it.


nah, not red.


It’s bloody lovely. Happy man here.