Karan KA I 180 sound signature?


I said hated not despised.:wink:

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Monitor Audio?

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Even I’m not that tasteless.

You probably will be next week though.






Bonfire night was earlier in the month Paul.



Slightly unfair, no mention of actual fire in this link.


Not Naim N-Sats?

You are slightly in the wrong place if you want fairness. :smirk: The article in the link is a hoot and the ensuing fallout (:thinking:) has been very entertaining.


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You is proper deaf. Your ears will get common sense in about a week when you reach your one week speaker threshold and completely change your mind - again :roll_eyes::joy:


Is that an official NHS prognosis?

Obviously my numerous times listening to the Karan with various speakers and deciding I really liked it obviously counts for nothing. Likewise Nick clearly has no idea what he is listening to either, though I can’t remember many people at his bake offs saying the Karan systems sounded shit!:thinking:

Maybe you could also tell me what football team to support…oh hang on.:poop:

Nope, it’s trend analysis you fickle little bunny :rabbit:

Let’s just see if it’s still there in a month shall we? :laughing:

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Thanks to Ian of these here shores and Martin of PFM (trying to convert him), I have a living room full of home brew metal tank-like boxes and cables.

‘Like a pig in muck’

At the moment the Job 225 power with DIY Type 37 valve pre is edging out front.

Sounds obvious but like the way it is enabling me to tailor the sound. Even the wife has got involved, much preferring the valve pre to the B1 R2 JFET Buffer. Getting somewhere!

I change gear a lot because I enjoy it, not because I don’t rate stuff, so whether it’s here in a month or not is irrelevant.

You really need to stop trying so hard to suck up to the AA valve/horn/vinyl mafia it’s very sad.:weary:

I could give you some advice on decent malts and bourbon too but no doubt you’d ignore that as well.:grinning:

Still at leat the NHS is in good hands.:roll_eyes:

I’m logging off for the forseeable future now so feel free to give me both barrels if it makes you feel better.:smiley:


See you when you’ve got over yourself

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Hilarious. Okay see you again buddy when Liverpool win the title :+1:


Flounce just announced on sky news.