KEF Concerto Two tweeters

I’ve picked up some cheap speakers for my second system and cassette player / old technics amp.

They were bought as they fit the space and I needed cherry.
Problem is one tweeter has gone. I’m hoping someone here is knowledgable enough to help me source:
A replacement tweeter (used fine).
A pair of replacements (do I need to match both?)
Stuff to put in to better replace the originals!

Or advice me it’s not worth it cost wise! In which case Im happy to not throw more cash away. Looks like an SP1435 tweeter.

Specs are
Specification: Concerto Two
System type: Three-way, floor standing
Enclosure type: Reflex
Dimensions: (H x W x D): 950 x 180 x 250mm (37.4 x 7 x 9.8 inches)
(excluding plinth)
Weight: 13.6kg (29.9 lbs)
Nominal impedance: 8 ohms
Amplifier requirements: 10-150W
Maximum Output: 111dB
Frequency response: 45Hz to 20kHz +/-3.0dB
Sensitivity: 90dB at 1m for 2.83V
Finish: Black or Cherry veneer
System: SP3310
Drive units: B130 bass unit (SP1434), B130 midrange unit (SP1434), 25mm tweeter (SP1435)
Crossover network: SP2329



Yes please

Seen some used knocking about but not sure if you can just buy “one” and expect it to match??

I doubt that the speakers were that well pair matched, so replacing with stock should be fine. Whether anything you get will be in spec, or if your other one is, remains to be seen.

This it?
Do the dings make it a dud?

It’s not ideal, but these are not really the full high-fidelity monty and you’ll likely not notice. You may be able to pull them out by carefully applying a hoover tube over the diaphragm (not touching it, natch), switch-on and hope…

Not sure how the concerto 2 rate, but at no money, and a 25 quid spare part they will be fine for a fun system?
I have got them precisely because they aren’t expensive, but hopefully not crap either! They work where I want them to go!

Every so often, between major system changes, or plain poverty, I drag together systems from budget kit from the likes of Kef, Tannoy, Mission, Wharefedale etc. etc. They are fun in a way that the high-end never is - mainly cos there are a LOT of recordings that positively benefit from a ballsy but low-fi system - you’ll have some fun putting this together IME :+1:


Turned up and they are minty looking.
Either a stock photo or they have pulled them out themselves.
Looks like the former.

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Result :+1:

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I’ve come to the conclusion that my hearing is so shagged that lo-fi is more than adequate. It’s now not so much about the *-fi as it is the music.

I used to blame lack of money for my budget hi-fi preference but, even recently, when I’ve spent substantially more on my kit, I still much prefer my current lo-fi rig.


Mick (mmichbam) stopped-by s’evening and has come to much the same conclusion - one’s Fi can simply be altogether too Hi - and you end up listening to recordings, not music. Think this is why I stick with valves (for all the ballache they cause) and approach upgrades and tweaks with caution!


It is all about the record itself

And after that it’s personal taste and money. And bragging rights?

For me it’s all about pleasure - like good food or fine wine - but without all of the pretentious wank that goes with it!

Interesting conversation.
My Wadia is on its second set of gears for the vdrs mech and I reckon will need replacing soon ish.
My thoughts are now along the same lines as you guys, why spend shit loads for the HiFi kudos when I can probably get something very enjoyable for much less.

I don’t even own a hi fi, I just nick pics off google to make out I’m into it.


I love you :tumbler_glass:

After buying my phono stage I made the decision to stop the endless upgrading and just enjoy what I have for a good while. I’m aiming to end the year with the same system. My hopelessly addictive personality makes this a tricky challenge but I’ve been stocking up on Valium and glue.

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I think there is a person on eBay selling metal gears for them.
Not pushing the drawer closed helps them last longer.

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I’ll have a hunt. Would be happy I’d I got decent parts.

Yes I’m guilty of pushing the tray.