Kent Bake and Slow Coffee Saturday 28th July


I think I replied to jezr but yes please im sure I’m kid free that weekend


Ich bin ein Woodchurcher! TN26. About 8 miles from Ashford International.


No problem to stay over. :+1:


I too will need an overnight please Ritchie.


No probs John. There are 3 double beds plus spare rooms with air mattresses, also sofas and floors. I’ll take it as you and John have first dibs on proper beds.




Excellent, I can get the fast train from St Pancras and either a taxi or pick up from other attendee at Ashford.

I can bring a Bob Devices Cinemag Blue SUT as its excellent plus of course some tunes.


Taxi is expensive. We can probably arrange sharing or a pick up - has worked before.


Ok, can sort out nearer the time.


I’d like to come if you don’t mind Norn Ironmen you haven’t met.


Please if there’s room


Can you put my name down please Ritchie?


Drat, busy that weekend! :unamused:


Sure, that’s the point of these things. :blush::+1:I’m guessing it’s Cosmo, or are you a




Yes Jim!


Damn. I can’t move it otherwise I would have sent around a pm beforehand. :neutral_face:


Can I put my name down as a hopeful. Going away on hols the following weekend so could be tricky with work etc.

Want to get there if poss


Cock punch to circumstances


Of course, no worries.