Kent Bake and Slow Coffee Saturday 28th July


I have the house to myself over the last weekend of July, so a bake-off seems appropriate. My system doesn’t really lend itself to swapping much more than vinyl bits but phonos, carts, tts, tape decks etc could be fun. Bring plenty of music, natch. Lots of room here and multiple places to sleep if you need to stay over. Carrying on Sunday will be fine too.

Not sure what to do about food yet, will see what numbers we have and go from there.


Gareth- LoveSavestheDay
John -J-B = overnighter/BED
Mark- BrowellM
Paul - Loo
Kev - Er, Kevin
Guy - Gyro’
Simon - simonms
Graham - gthang
Jez - JezR
Paul- Flapland
Wayne - Crim’donk’
John - Stepmother’ = overnighter/ BED
Jim - CharlieChan
Olan - htm_1968
Pete - Cobbler
Greg - Catcando
Dave - chealseadave
Pete - Coco
Tony - aja
Terry - ozzyozzyect
Dean - SCIDB
Steve - SAP7




Pencil me in please Ritchie :+1:


Please, sir!

PS. Will totally do I Want to Break Free reenactment with Henry the Hoover.


Yes please Ritchie


Yes please Ritchie.


Yes please


Yes please Ritchie!


Yes please.


Yes please Ritchie.


Nice sofa


Does the Astra need a run?


In London the following week seeing family otherwise would have stuck my name down


Ah, annoying, I can’t move it unfortunately. :slightly_frowning_face:


No probs,if dates change re visit,will let you know if there is still room by then


Yes please mate :+1:


What took you so long ?! :grin:


Yes please. Where about are you as likely to catch the train so would need to check running.


Yes please Ritchie


If poss rich would need stay over though