Kevin Shields throws more money and time at Loveless

Good interview with Kevin as he describes his latest go at polishing Loveless in the most OTT and extravagant way he can think of -

Allegedly there is a new LP and tour slated for next year too! I’ll believe that when I see the release schedule.

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If the all-analogue remaster of Loveless becomes a reality, I could be tempted…

Assuming it doesn’t cost a million, of course (and it would probably have to, if anyone is ever going to make any money out of that album!)

Personally I think Kevin Shields can fuck off. He made a murky but mildly interesting album once, deafened a few people and since then has done fuck all because everyone told him he is a genius. If only he could leave the fucking thing alone and move on…


In fairness to the lad, he was solely responsible for Primal Scream being quite interesting live and on LP for a goodly period of time. Sadly they are shit now. Otherwise I largely agree with you, which is surprising :thinking:.

The Rollercoaster tour definitely fucked my ears up

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Apparently copies have shipped in the last couple of days, but yet to receive mine.