Plenty of you will have heard these, shame no one has been able to hear them yet in the current iteration

(Yes, I know, cable lifters, the blocks are there for that very reason. After seeing another member using them I figured nothing ventured… in the last place on a wood floor, no discernible difference. Here, perhaps it’s the lack of insulation on the Anticables on carpet with a mix of wool and man made, in any case get the cables off the floor and loose a touch of grain in the treble ymmv :grinning: )

Love these speakers, they’ve grow with my system highlighting the smallest of changes be that equipment or placement. The sign of a great speaker. Now that I have them really singing I’ve been tempted by another… (at twice the price)

Finish is called Aubergine, to all intents they look black but are in fact a very deep purple, it’s Kharma’s best selling finish as it adds a depth/softness to the black that you don’t get on a straight black finish.

These are Kharma Ceramique 2.3ce not to be confused with the more commonly seen 3.2, 2 way. the c stands for ceramic tweeter, the e Enigma wiring loom, Kharma’s made by Siltech internal cables. The last commercially available version of the Ceramique range (they did do a few limited beryllium tweeter, black Accuton versions right at the very end)

They work well in a variety of systems, I’ve heard of Naim and Plinius users and I’ve heard them work well on the back of Rowland, Dartzeel, my combo of Aesthetix pre with Kharma’s MP150’s and latterly to spectacular results an Analog Domain integrated.

In lovely condition, no scratches, with grilles and original wooden shipping crates.

Rarely available, the last I saw on Audio-markt were advertised at a dealer for €6999 and disappeared shortly after, presumably sold. Super high end for mid price money :)



Good luck. They have been with you a long time.
Hope the new ones satisfy even more.

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Lovely looking speakers. I like the sound of the colour.

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Lovely, Dan. Remember hearing them a few times, at yours and also when we went to Scalford, and really enjoying them.

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