Kids' track day

Took Josh for a track day at Prestwold. Really good setup. Doesn’t even have a provisional yet but has somehow been hooning supercars around a wet track.

McLaren 12C

Skyline, which looks a bit of a beater from the front but he said was super fun.

Waiting to set off in the F430

More 12C porn.


Never done one, any good? Worth doing?

I would like to apply to be adopted by you.

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Would recommend. Like all these places, they try and upsell you on everything, but it’s actually pretty reasonable and a great way to waste half a day. The kids experience is brilliant, they don’t need a license - some of them weren’t tall enough to see over the dash. Won’t be a problem for yours :smiley:

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Great fun. Highly recommend. Next time father son head to head ?

That looks really good. The only track days I’ve seen have been a lap or two in one car. I haven’t see half day ones where you get to try a variety before.