KitchenAid Burr Coffee Grindr

Not the be all and end all of grinders, but with dialling in I was able to get it good enough for espresso and French Press, which is all I really need. It does look good on the worktop though and has masses of WAF.

There is an upgrade to Mazzer burrs, which improves the consistency of the grind. It requires drilling into the machine because the hole pattern of the Mazzer burrs is different to the oem burrs.

I’m including the kit to do this, I never got around to it because I was ok with what I was getting. YMMV. Kit includes everything you need including a drill bit.

Overall nice condition apart from a couple of marks and one small area right at the bottom where the paint is chipped.

I’d really like collection or a taxi for this because the glass bits are unobtainium, I’ll post at cost if you’re prepared to wait until I can find suitable packaging.

These seem to go for anything between £50-100 without the upgrade kit, so how about £85?