Here you go, Pete.

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More here


Isn’t the seller a Wammer?

Yes, I got some of my YL horns and drivers from him way back.

I had the 1800G tweeters which were lovely.

Interesting blog here on M7 / Ongaku.

I would be interested to know how accurate his M7 model history is. There are so many variations.

Adding Mark’s M7 to my system on Saturday has got me thinking about long term looking to add an M7.

It’s certainly not complete. @PapaLazarou’s is a hybrid with solid-state rectification, 5687 output and a stepped attenuator.

Everyone should get an M7, mainly for reasons.




I emailed him a while ago about some YL speakers he was selling and he was a real twat.

No, enjoy_the_music

Ah is the the guy that owns the farm in France, if so he has/had some seriously good kit tucked away.

Thats the trouble with bake offs. You think you are perfectly happy then someone comes along with an M7 and then you start hearing ‘the voices’.


Yes, Richard.

Does anybody know anything about the power supply that AN Japan used to provide for their Io Ltd?

Early ones used a small Yuasa cell (Battery) with an inbuilt charging circuit. Later ones used a slightly less good sounding mains powered regulated supply. This was preferable though for long sessions as the battery they supplied was only good for perhaps 2-3 hours.

Was the mains one like this, Guy?

Yes, that’s the one.

Thanks :+1:

That’s the only image I have ever found of that, I guess there are not many of them about.

I would say before investing in a AN, listen to Conrad Johnson Art 2 or 3 and Audio Research Ref 5. I like the Graaf 13.5b too, but it has a bit of channel breakthrough.

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I’ve got one