Hello Kraftwerk experts.

Is this:

just all the albums in a big box set, or have the tracks been manipulated in other ways?

The track listing doesn’t look like a straight box-set.

Different live mixes. I think some are for headphones.

I’ve got that on cd and you can google it and find out more

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Got you, perfect.

Thanks very much.

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Yep different mixes. I prefer the originals but ymmv.

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This is the original Kraftwerk ‘The Catalogue’ release from 2004:

It is basically remastered studio LPs (all bar Kraftwerk 1 & 2 and Ralf and Florian) and The Mix.

The release you linked to is the live versions played on the 3D tour. There is an English version and a German version. Personally, the earlier remaster set of the LPs is far superior.