Krell holiday

I recently spent a few days in south Wales with my friend Caron Jones listening to his system it had been a few years since i had travelled there and he had made a few changes. here is a link to my little adventure on my blog… The Progmeister’s Big Welsh Adventure. – The Progmeister


Sounds like my kinda guy. I just got back from a weekend driving this lot.


Necro thread hijack irrelevance?

No did you read the article?

The person he visited was a rally driver and took him out in a Porsche boxster

I was sharing a similar experience that I had. Which felt entirely relevant.

I had however, not noticed the age of the post!

It came up in my suggested threads and it never occurred to me it was ancient! Well, ancient ish!


I just saw a man went to Wales to hear a hifi system.

The car photos were random. There’s some car threads. From the popularity of the thread I guess I’m in the ignorant majority. Helpful to have this explained to avoid anyone else having to read the article to fathom the randomness.

The article was somewhat odd!

This Caron guy sounds like a decent bloke tho!

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