Land Rover prices

I spotted this on a 4x4 sales pitch just outside Droitwich, I couldn’t believe my eyes so turned around and went back to check. Very nice condition but t100 K + miles. Do they really fetch this sort of money?

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It’s a mistake, remove the 5 from the end :joy:

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That’s what I thought.

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Might include a year’s full warranty for repair costs.

At that price it should include a year’s supply of fuel.

A fully restored early defender that’s rare or a late special edition, such as the heritage, fetch that money.

That one is just waiting for an idiot.


Anything over 25 years old doesn’t need tax or an MOT.

2018 was its 25th birthday :slight_smile:

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I’ve got a 1970 Series 2A in the garage. Needs work. :+1:


MOT is 40 years

Unless a substantial vehicle = over 3.5T.
Don’t think that is.

I think this is wrong personally.
Every vehicle that once required an MOT should be MOT’d. Perhaps every 2 or 3 years for low mileage?

Looks like they’ve changed both MOT & Vehicle tax to 40 years :frowning:

Agree on the MOT I used to get the VW camper MOT’d each year just for an indication of anything going wrong.

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Fair enough :+1:. It’s still a 29 year old diesel so almost certainly horrible though.


Yes, crush and recycle😂

LOL. One along every minute,


i think that dealer has been on the glue, price is bonkers. You could get either of these with full rebuilds direct from Overfinch for not a lot more…

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Get your spanners out and sort it. :+1:

I’m guessing too many other bag of spanners

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:+1: Lazy too! :grin:

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