Landing page or any page not appearing


When using W7 PC and the latest Firefox browser, suddenly yesterday evening onwards nothing appears when using AA web site, just the Firefox part, no web page displayed. Works OK on Android phone and browser, also W7 PC and IE11. All other web sites work on Firefox, just AA on Firefox is the issue.

Reset to standard Firefox and re-booted, no difference. Also removed Privacy Badger and no difference.

Any ideas?


Anyone else able to confirm this? Don’t have a Windows box here I can test on.


Working fine with W10 and Chrome.
Will check my wife’s W7/Chrome, in a bit.


Fine with Win7 and Firefox for me this morning - even changed my avatar.:+1:


alright with chrome/edge/IE with win10 - don’t have any win7 boxes anymore all updated to 10. Just checked FF on 10 and all ok


Ok for me on a Mac using Safari, although default avatar isn’t showing. Thats just a green F for me.


I have noticed the odd thing where peoples avatars were not appearing, and a couple at my bakeoff yesterday had noticed that their avatar didn’t appear at the top right (on their mobile phones), to get at PM’s and such like.

It seems fine here with Win 10 and Chrome.


Me too.

On my iPad right now and Flaplands avatar is not showing on this thread but everyone else is showing fine.


I though they just chose not to have one. Been like that for a while then!


I only have the default avatar which is the first letter of my username. That appears to have stopped working for some reason.


Same,and on my phone



I see the same issue; system generated avatars aren’t getting served up for some reason. Investigating further.


Message icon missing on my phone and iPad.


Ok, that should have sorted the avatars issue.


Working now.:+1:


Do you get a “this page cannot be displayed” type error, or just a blank page?

If it’s blank, can you show me what you get at the start if you view source (should be Right Click -> View Source)


Blank page with just the Firefox header.

Audio Abattoir
  <meta name="fragment" content="!">

<link rel='preload' href='/assets/locales/en-7d3820219cd2581ced561102a456172132206cbe421d487cd8234adfd91ed831.js' as='script'/>
<link rel='preload' href='/assets/ember_jquery-716f4989c2eb49ad65163ffb56185407340c2b195b81b9392b62cde3e992cade.js' as='script'/>
<link rel='preload' href='/assets/preload-store-081120a9f8cb0871483b66a95e534ce8e81f97d19c8cef978aea6c696d1feb20.js' as='script'/>
<link rel='preload' href='/assets/vendor-fc5f8e79db9328db9ee33d70e576f43f37c1ada2e73dee308837aab3fdec1f7c.js' as='script'/>
<link rel='preload' href='/assets/pretty-text-bundle-7908efa529793235b87985051f47919d04a010089ca62334672113e696788af3.js' as='script'/>
<link rel='preload' href='/assets/application-61be02120121c059e42fc8167ca55c556f32a4112a5414e7d4d244b6ac54996f.js' as='script'/>
<link rel='preload' href='/assets/plugin-235819e84745be88fdd812ef5aa100e8f7d5783eb97f443950fb27806db5333d.js' as='script'/>
<link rel='preload' href='/assets/plugin-third-party-01ba4719c80b6fe911b091a7c05124b64eeece964e09c058ef8f9805daca546b.js' as='script'/>


It’s too big to post and C&P or print screen gives the above.