Lappy fault, help

Miriams Lenovo lappy appears locked into a start up cycle.

Turn on

Get lenov logo

Circle of death

Attempting to recover installation

Undoing changes made to your computer

Locked at the above, so switch off and repeat.

Is it return to suitable shop for diagnostic level of fucked



Could just be the CMOS battery. Shop might be able to sort easily enough

I’m taking it down there tomoz, will keep fingers crossed. She filled everything to that bloody drive and synched nowt!

I think it’s quite hard to have it not back up to a OneDrive automatically, but some people do have talent…

Welcome to my world, hey ho.

If the worst comes to the worst you can always take the hard drive out and use an external adaptor and access all the files and copy what you need to a new machine.
I have done this a few times :hot_face:

Left the thing on, churning away and after an hour it sprung back to life. I’ve persuaded her that the cloud is not the devil incarnate and now have all her files on One drive, synched phone and lappy to MS and Google, set up auto photo upload from phone to google etc etc. Am now busy deleting tens of thousands of cookies and sites via google, will then be into a major clear up and on it goes. No wonder it was all slow, 8 years worth to sort out.