Laptop Battery advice

My laptop needs a new battery. A genuine HP battery is available on ebay for £38.50. A Chinese replacement costs about £25. Are they the same or is the HP battery going to be longer lasting? I would rather pay more for a better battery but not if the only difference is the HP badge.

I have bought quite a few non branded replacements over the years. In general they have all been pretty poor. If it’s for a laptop you plan to keep I would pay the extra.


For that difference I’d stick with the genuine article.

Somewhat related, I’ve had mixed experiences of unbranded laptop chargers. I got one for my old Samsung that is utter rubbish and a MacBook charger that’s better than the original.

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Thanks for the advice. I bought the genuine battery.


when running on mains remove the battery if it is fully charged, otherwise expect a short life

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not with modern Lithium batteries. Just dont fully discharge them

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Standard policy in IBM, doing this I could make batteries last 4 years, colleagues could not. The issue is charging circuits not the battery technology, I have an intelligent 3rd party charger for the iPad as their batteries are so easy to replace