Laptop battery saving annoyance

So my laptop, a Dell, decided a while back that it knew best how to save battery life. There used to be explicit options for “turn off the network after n minutes when not plugged in” but this disappeared and I now have very opaque settings.

and it is extremely keen on killing the network, which in turn screws up several things

Some googling suggests that I could twiddle a registry key (really? really?) to show the network management in the tab above but I haven’t gone that far.

Today I was trying to download some stuff and noticed that it was pretty slow. The battery was quite flat so I went and fetched the main cable, plugged it in, and suddenly the download rate went through the roof.

Coincidence, or does Windows actually throttle network throughput when on the battery?

If it does then that’s some dumb shit IMO.

Have you got a ‘Balanced’ plan under the Power Options in settings, may be under additional plans

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scrub that, looks like the win10 plan is missing most of the old options

I do, and could select that instead of “Dell”, but again when you drill into it the advanced section does not display control over when it drops the network. Because of course it knows best and I would be scared by it :neutral_face:

Have you tried running these commands one at a time and then rebooting to see if the plan options come back?

powercfg -duplicatescheme a1841308-3541-4fab-bc81-f71556f20b4a
powercfg -duplicatescheme 381b4222-f694-41f0-9685-ff5bb260df2e
powercfg -duplicatescheme 8c5e7fda-e8bf-4a96-9a85-a6e23a8c635c
powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61


I’m sure it would work, but honestly, smashing in a load of totally opaque command-line UUIDs to get back functionality I once had is a bit rubbish. I’m just having a grumble really.

coward :slight_smile:


You miss Peek, Poke and Randomize USR don’t you ?

did you not randomize, peek and poke regularly?

Apparently I didn’t have sufficient permissions for the chosen location :disappointed:


Had to google that, can happily say I have never done a single bit of programming.