Laptop problem (windows 10 probably)

Yesterday, our 18 month old Medion laptop played up - the number keys 1,2,3,4,7,8,9,0 stopped working. Weird.

I tried to fix it for 45 mins, no joy. My wife tried for a couple of hours and eventually in desperation did a reset from last Monday.

Now on restart she is caught in a loop. She can’t get to a command screen. She can’t use advanced troubleshooting as she doesn’t know the laptop administrator password.

Is there a way of changing the laptop administrator password via another device?

Three Step Recovery Program:

Step 1:

Smash it with a hammer.

Step 2:

Claim on your insurance.

Step 3:

Enjoy your nice new laptop.




NB: I am not actually endorsing fraud, just being a cunt.


I haven’t even watched any porn on it!

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Oh well, at least it’s not something essential then :+1:

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Liquid spillage? That has the potential to cause major fuckery including interrupting the boot up cycle.

Thanks. Unfortunately, it is definitely not that. If you google it this is a problem a number of people have suffered. Sometimes it is number lock related - we’ve tried all those fixes and it doesn’t seem to be that. Other previous sufferees attribute it to a Windows 10 update, which is what it feels like.

She has managed to recall the password, get out of the loop and it is now saying “resetting PC xx%”. We may have progress.

I told her to buy a Mac.

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there’s your problem.


German, part of Lenovo these days, which I thought meant we were safe. Plus it looked nice (metal case).

I had the same issue with a friends laptop. Ended up putting a usb keyboard on it.

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Yup, thanks. We did that yesterday but then reset it and boom locked in a cycle, which my wife may, fingers crossed, have now unlocked, whether the number keys will now work…

Using a usb keyboard on an 18 month old computer would be ridiculous. I think it is still under guarantee, but of course it has lots of stuff stored on it.

backed up properly I hope?

My stuff is, my wife’s not so much. I’ve been mulling getting a NAS.

get one - we store nothing on local machines anymore. Louise isn’t allowed to on her laptop.

Don’t forget a single NAS isn’t really a resilient backup. To protect your business you should try and keep something offsite. oh and my fee is £1500 per 30 minutes

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Cheap at half the price.

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that’s discounted, you should see the price for others

I thought you had given up turning tricks at Hanger Lane Station.

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It’ll may be your last update if it isn’t a keyboard fault. You can manually download the last update from the page below.

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