Laser Printer Cartridges

Any particular place people use for faux OEM or re-manufactured laser toner cartridges.

The HP printer is running low on the toner it came with. If I were to buy OEM HP toner, then i may as well throw the printer away and buy a new one (it would be cheaper).

Printer is an HP LaserJet Pro M252dw

I buy my ink cartridges from these people. Reliable and decent prices, they do laser toner.

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This is yours, I believe

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it is Paul. But £151 for OEM toner - or about £220 (minus £50 cashback) for a new printer (newer model)

I just bought the one on Amazon that had the best reviews for mine. I have no idea how genuine the reviews are, but there is nothing else I can go on.

i get kingston ones from amazon and they work fine - 25% the cost of HP ones which at £400 a pop for a full set is an easy risk to take. printer cost £250

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