Latest gadget out of the Velvet Vortex emporium

I’ve made this tool to set the arm pod for a friend who has an FXR 12 inch tonearm.
The flat ply arm fits over spindle and the shaft fits into the collar or fitting for tonearm. Then the armboard or arm pod can be moved to get exactly the right position and a super accurate spindle to center of bearing position. The tool holds it in place while you tighten the armboard or arm pod in position.
Then remove the tool and pop in your tonearm hey presto it is set exactly in position.
I made one at 211mm for my Alphason and it is spot on 211.
It should work on any turntable with a adjustable arm pod such as Acoustic Signature, Acoustic Solid, all the Michell orbe’s, Oracle’s etc etc.
I hope the pictures give an illustration of how it works.
If you are interested PM me.


Better picture of how it works.

Could you slot the pillar end, so you could use it for any turntable/arm?

I’d have to test it for accuracy.
Making the holes exactly in position is what makes it so accurate.
Also the pillars of tonearms are all different diameters, I’ve made both of these exactly the same diameter as tonearm pillar again to make it super accurate.
One is 18.5mm the other 23mm.

Yes, the pillar diameter would be a problem.
Very handy tool.
Well done.

Top idea Tim, helpful with faff stuff