Le Cochon Pendu - testers required

For those of you not on Facebook, I have the first testers available for my new food venture. To start these are some dry rubs and spice mixes. You can use the code “testers” to get a 50% discount, on the solemn promise that you give feedback!


What’s the best before date on the rubs? Was thinking of ordering one of each (while they’re cheap :wink:) but not sure if we’ll use them quickly.

I’ll double check against the source ingredients, but there’s not really anything in there to go off, so should last indefinitely.

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Oh…and the curry powder…is it mild, medium, hot, very hot or coco? :smile:

First version is pretty mild, there’s no capsicum in the base version, but add a note in if you want it to blow your face / arse off :stuck_out_tongue:

Coco would require a dangerous goods note, and a special lorry, could be expensive to ship.

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have you got any step ups for sale?

Are we talking aerobics platforms or transformers here? I might be able to polish off a Cochon Pendu branded step up platform for you, and more than happy to model for it wearing nothing but a pair of budgie smugglers.