LEAK Sandwich 150/250

Looks fascinating. The driver spec looks like it’s a genuine attempt at the spirit of the original.

Phil Escott will surely arch an eyebrow at that.

What’s next? E-90s and TSR’s? I worked for Richard Lee and knew what was on his drawing board. And it wasn’t nasi goreng. It ‘looked forward’ though.

Is Peter Comeau becoming audio’s Gary Aspden? Balls deep in Bisley filing cabinets, haunched and hopeful.

My bathtub after i have taco bell for lunch and chipotle for dinner - Imgur


AI response?


Phil Escott (brother of Castle’s Bill Escott) was the Service Manager at Wharfedale, and his team built and despatched those replacement drive units for as long as they could, at both the Idle and Crossgates factories.

Richard Lee was a senior designer and worked under (Dr.) Gareth Millward, designer of the diamond (and many others). He designated that the reflex port be tuned to 86Hz and watched people’s jaws drop.

Lee loved the E-series and Millward was part of the team that did the TSR range, and in particular the TSR102. The Diamond is essentially a sawn-off TSR102.

Bisley filing cabinets seemed to be in every room of those factories. Brüel & Kjær’s light green fronts on some of them.

Aspden’s a beaut and needs striping with a double bladed Stanley. If you were ever on Terrace Retro back on dialup, no doubt you would have cringed at the brass-neck of his later repositioning.

Peter’s a nice bloke. Don’t call him Pete though.

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Wow, has somebody started a hi-forum or something ?


^^^ I was with you until this line. ^^^

Funnily enough, I have a pair of the largeish original Leak Sandwich speakers that came as a part of an auction lot. I’ve still not got around to trying them as I was looking for some of the weird 2 pin plugs that’d be needed to attach speaker cables properly. Sadly these old Leaks don’t seem to have much value. Maybe this relaunch will make them more appealing?

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Like a new Trabant


I’ll bet an electric Trabant would be popular!


It wasn’t back then, but it might have potential! :sunglasses:

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Is this Guerrilla marketing by IAG, with the Quad obsession and now Leak? To be fair, it was news to me today that Luxman is part of the evil empire now…


LOL, hi-fi section should be behind a paywall. The meltdowns would be exquisite.


Yes that is a seriously boring post, something died inside me imagining a whole forum of that stuff…