Leasing an outgoing model?

There are some deent offers on fully-loaded Golfs on a 4 year lease in my neck of the woods, but a new model is around the corner.

Would you not get a bit pissed off from driving around for 3 years in a model that has just been superceeded by a brighter, shinier, presumably better model ?

Depends on how shallow you are :grinning:

The choice between the outer willy waving of having the latest model against the inner glow of knowing you have a very good car at a very cheap rate!


Your assumption that a newer model is better is flawed. Sometimes yes, but mostly just different. Shinier and potentially new features maybe. You have to work out whether its worth the premium for what can be very little actual improvements.

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I would rather have £100 extra a month spare cash


To me, it only depends on the features/options. Does the new model have a feature (like a vibrating massage seat) that you really want/need, and is it worth the extra dosh.

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My car is the last of an old model, got it cheap. I couldn’t give a shit about that sort of thing, run of the mill cars are all dull and borring so what does it matter in the grand scheme of things.



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I’m about as shallow as they come so this would generally annoy me, but I’m quite surprised there’s a new Golf around the corner as the outgoing one still looks pretty sharp.

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As golfs have only got worse through the models old is best.


5 was a country mile better than 4 though.


The mk4 is the only one I have no experience of.
The Mk1 is the best one they made though.

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Agree. I had a Mk4 Golf GTi Turbo and it was shite. The Mk1 GTi I had was much better. They are still small and cramped inside. Crap boot too.

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Thanks chaps.

While it is the “family car” it’s mainly Mrs Craig’s commute-with-boot motor. As much as shed prefer a Clubman, she’s not shallow about model year etc.

Me, on the other hand…! But it’s not my car, really: she does all the driving

As said above: it’s a VW, not a Ford designed by Chris Bangle 2.0. It’s not gonna look HORRIBLY outdated and all the safety, auto wotnots & parking gear will be a very handy luxury we otherwise would have foregone.

Thanks for the help.