Leather 2 seater sofa plus chair for sale

These are about five years old but had very little use, the sofa has hardly been sat in. Been kept under covers in the conservatory.
In the highest grade soft leather, if you have looked in to the Ekornes Stressless range you will know this attracts a large premium.
Sofa, chair and two matching footstools. Need to check colour name but looks more brown in the flesh.

Build quality is top notch and very comfortable.

The retail on these is over £4K.

Looking for £750 for the set.

Forgot to say, I’m near Northampton. Cheers


Price drop to £750.

No love for stressless ?

Need to shift these soon, open to offers.

Stick em on ebay tonight collection only - they will be gone next weekend.
They reach their value on ebay, always popular.

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Will have to, just bought a replacement on Ebay

Stick it on gumtree

Does the chair recline?

Seriously, I would buy these in a heartbeat if I wasn’t so geographically challenged. :frowning_face:

Nice stuff. Had some back in London. No room now.

Whack it on Freecycle, then host a garden party with £5 entry fee for the coach-loads you will get coming to visit.

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They would strap to a raft Paul😀

I asked Claire if I could have them, because I know just how comfy a Stressless is, but she said Nein because it’s brown :roll_eyes:

Would they match ToC’s ceiling?


Yes and swivels !

Sofa is two recliners but no swivel :grinning:

I have one pm to reply to.

AA taxi request ? Not much to ask :smile:

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I mean, it isn’t as though they wouldn’t get a cup of tea and a biscuit, before they left.

I am sure some way could be found.


Had some interest in the chair if anyone is interested in the sofa plus one stool ?

Now sold