Leonard Cohen RIP

Dead at age 82. A sad loss to us all.

What a great innings he had though.

Worst loss of 2016 :pensive:


Great man.

Oh no
RIP Leonard


He was brilliant - Fantastic body of work. RIP LC

Goodbye Leonard.

Sad news :slight_frown:. We were lucky to have him.


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Never really listened to any of his stuff but know he was rated by many.

Another legend leaves us. Sad.

2016 takes another :frowning:



A true legend.


And Jon Bon Jovi is still here.

There is no God, there is no justice - only chaos and insanity.

If I hadn’t just had the world’s biggest fried breakfast, I’d be spending the day feeling a bit miffed.

Second time in a week I’ve woken up and thought ‘God not him’. Cohen said he was ready to die, then planned to live to 120. Maybe the thought of living after Tuesday was just too much for him. Trump, you utter…

“You think it’s dark now? Just turn on the TV tomorrow morning,” he wrote. RIP

Oh well, room for one more in Canada.

Sad loss.

Not a fan but I have absolute respect for the impact he’s had on popular music and culture.

Sad sad day! R.I.P Leonard Cohen.

“There is a crack in everything, That’s how the light gets in.”

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RIP Leonard.