LG OLED55B8SLC TV for sale

Bought this new from John Lewis in March 2019 but don’t have the original box.

I’ve had this wall mounted and have the stand but not the screws for the stand. No dodgy pixels and the screen works absolutely fine. Only selling as I’ve switched to one with HDMI 2.1 and eARC for my soundbar.

£500 and collection only.

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Sounds ideal for a small toilet, or a Norfolk garage

Hi, since I last posted I now have a puppy and I want out of the house, so this seems as good of a reason as any to do a road trip.

Probably without the car this weekend due to it being MOTd on Friday and the exhaust is fucked.

Are you in a rush for it to be collected? Where in the country are you?

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Not in a huge rush but I’d rather not be waiting weeks or months though, I’m down on the south coast between Portsmouth and Southampton.

Let me check what is going on the next two weekends to see if it’s viable, I’ll be in touch later today mate.

Hi mate,

I said i’d be in touch yesterday, sorry for fucking that up. If you’re willing to keep it by for me for NEXT weekend (this weekend I won’t have the car, pretty sure of this anyway), I’d like to take it for the asking price.

If the car takes too long to get back on the road, the following weekend I am going with my family to Cornwall and so wouldn’t be free to collect it for quite some time. Car is going for the MOT tomorrow, so if I have to pull out I should be able to let you know quickly.

That’ll be fine and I’m around for that entire weekend.

Car will be back with me by Tuesday hopefully. It needs a couple small bits but it isn’t anything frightening thank goodness.

Will be in touch Friday. Thanks dude.

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Morning; Got to pull out on this as I’m ill, thankfully it isn’t Covid (results only came back this morning) but I’m not going to be able to do the driving.

Sorry for backing out, good luck with the sale.

Chris, are you roaming in this direction at any point?

Was going to cancel anyway as I think I may have caught Covid :frowning:

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Unlikely but it wouldn’t fit in the Mini anyway.

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Hope you’re OK Chris, have you had a PCR?

yep did one at 19:00 today.


Fingers crossed mate.

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Bugger, hope you are feeling well soon.

Hope you feel better soon Chris.

Good luck mate.

Hope ya keep well chris .

Me 6. :+1: