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Interesting feature in the NYT

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One day I will go to Spiritland. I have to collect a bit of kit in London soon, so maybe then.

Here are some notes about my couple of visits to Spiritland’s new home in King’s Cross, London

Beer’s a bit expensive, sounds are decent, but probably the best thing is the change of chooser-of-music every night - lots of opportunities to hear something new to you.


I sat in a chair like that once

The pioneer of this (in the West anyhow) appears to have passed on.

Feck! The guy was a legend. Another true music lover gone this year.
I know it’s been said already, but 2016 really has been a shit year for the music industry.

A legend indeed.

Luckily I saw him a few years ago at the CCA in Glasgow - played some tremendous stuff.

I saw David play several times and spoke with him briefly on occasion too.
This is one of the more interesting articles I’ve read about him, though I’d recommend anything Tim writes-such indepth insight.

Going to meet Tim (and Greg Wilson) this weekend to talk about New York, probably David a bit too and go for a dance afterwards.

Love Saves the Day.


Lovely little film. I need to go!

Let me know when you are around, I’d like to go again. :+1:

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For all you London chaps who like their music on the eclectic side - Johnny Trunk is playing a five hour DJ set (8pm-1pm) at Spiritland on Thurs 19th - lucky bleeders :confused:

We welcome Kevin Scott, the man behind the extraordinary Living Voice system at the beating heart of Spiritland, for a night of listening and talking.

He’ll be playing selections that highlights the full capabilities of this unique creation, and discuss what goes into building a system like this in the company of Spiritland’s Artistic Director, Paul Noble.

Doors at 7pm for a 7.30pm start.

£11, and you need to buy your own coffee :unamused:

possibly a trip to Nottingham instead?

Should be a good night.

Not many people leave Long Eaton just £11 light :grinning:

They do have nice biscuits.