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Sky Arts on Wednesday (18 May) at 9:00PM :+1:


Now set up to record, thank you.

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Cool,have been wanting to see this again

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It’s a great film. Will watch again.

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American bloke does not get the Sleafords and sounds really quite put out about it.

This sounds promising.

Glastonbury 71. Getting it together on Worthy farm, this shit looks Woodstock level fun (Possibly stinky too but when faced with free love what is a gentleman to do?).
Terry Reid meanwhile offers a master class in blues Rock vocal. Very few could touch him back then (Previously turned down being lead vocalist for Led Zep)
Fuck you father time.

He ws a drunken fuckwit when I saw him about 10 (could be 15) years ago.
Quite sad as the friend I went with was a huge fan and she was so disappointed with the gig.

I’ve heard much the same. Rock N Roll takes a toll.

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River is a great album, if you want to hear him at his best

Indeed it’s lovely. Have you heard the light in the attic release 'The other side of the river"? It features 6 unreleased Reid compositions, plus 5 very different alternate takes. It’s pretty decent

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