Live Socks Acts

Gone are the days you could just go to M&S and buy socks you’d get years out of. I had some from my early teens that finally had to be binned in my 40s :open_mouth:

Bought a few pairs of Farah and Pringle-branded socks last September from Ocado of all places: those are already fucked. Utter shite.

I’m fat, old, unfit and do at least a few miles every day walking the doggos, pottering round the garden, sorting the paddock &c, so comfort and durability matter.

Wondering what to try next, I recalled a brand from childhood ~50 years ago that I used to wear for all-day fossil-hunting trips, up and down cliffs, &c : “HJ Indestructible Socks” - used to get 'em from the market, and they had a real rollie-and-donkey-jacket vibe, sort of thing Fred Dibnah would wear, and his dad, and his dad… Went a treat with me monkey boots. Lived up to their name too - never showed any sign of wear. Mine only went 'cos I outgrew 'em.

Funny how yer feet keep growing but yer dick never does… FML :pensive:

And fuck me if they not only still exist, but are still made in Leicestershire!

Got a variety to try-out - the “Soft-top” are non-elasticated and look like real “dead man’s socks”. I suspect they’ll be worn once, descend round me ankles, then be used for polishing duty until I’m parked in god’s waiting room…

Got the “Indestructible” variety on now - comfier than I remember, generous size, 12 month guarantee, UK made. What’s not to like?

Yay! Exciting lockdown threads FTW!


A sock thread? Now you have put your foot in it.


Yes. Amazing timing.

I’ve just emailed them asking for them to recommend me their thinnest socks. I have a pair of brogues that are just 1/8th of a size too small on the right foot. Thin bamboo socks make this no issue at all. Thick socks make my knee and big toe ache by the end of the day.

Been really struggling to find some. M and S are shite now.

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Threads about socks. That’s what.

M&S are shite.
I buy Sunspel, Falke, and dick socks

They also do heavier ones

Being Hebtroco the latter are both made in Yorkshire.

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That’s what I call service.

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Rare but precious thing nowadays :+1:

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I think wanksocks deserve their own thread :+1:


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I like

Viccel the Socks Producer” sounds like a minor Dilbert character…

Not very helpful (but fully in keeping with AA threads), I buy these…

…in large quantities and they last 4-5 years of work wear.

Eh? That’s on-topic and relevant (most unlike AA), albeit shipping costs are prolly daft for the rest of us.

Smartwool Merino, Done.

Bowie knew his knitwear


Imagine his poor mothers face when young David threw her the mail order knitting pattern and bag of wool for that little number. Prolly has matching bobble hat, scarf and gloves.

We had that poster at home in the 70s. Not sure what happened to it but a bit shocked by its value now.