Logitech Sqeezebox Boom

Has lived up to it’s name. Not quite exactly boom, but faded to black. I’ve gone to a Sonus Play1

So there’s logitech boom power lead doing nothing. You want it?

First to…

How broken is it? Just doesn’t turn on? I wouldn’t mind a spare if it might be repairable.

They are both yours, Adam. It’ll take me a bit longer, as I’ve stashed the box and got acouple of days making a 90 degree come somewhere near right.

The web suggests this is the common fate of Booms. They are black screen when the owner retuwas iI was in hospital month hospital for a month, and fits the description exactly.

Mind it,has triggered a whole round of upgradiitsis turningng the room 90 degrees, and upgrading to monoblocks and valve preamp My first!. Hoorah! I know this isn’t the usual way to get system gains, upgrading.But the results are spectacular They both put out 10 class A watts per side, but perhaps the Music master likes to see a steady 8 ohms. The Valvets are electronic amps which double output from 8 to 4 ohms, So work down to whisper overnight volumes with more bass grip.

My gut feeling is that the Boom is extinct.
Mind you, there would be a raft of Boom owners most grateful if you can resuscitate.

Your call…

Ok well there are some fixes for blank screens, so I’ll give it a blast. I’ll PM my address, no rush at all