Londonists - Record Shops

I’ll be in London on Saturday afternoon, and have a few hours to myself while the girls gawp at Taylor Swift in Wembley Stadium.

Looking for good shops (new and/or second hand) north of the river.

Genre-wise, I’ll be leaning towards feedback-drenched, fuzzy, delayed guitar based noises. Also fancy a nose for some reggae.

There are still a couple left in Berwick street

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It is pretty hard to do better than Rough Trade East on Brick Lane if you are after new records. They have a decent selection of ‘feedback-drenched, fuzzy, delayed guitar based noises’. There are lots and lots of stalls/shops selling second hand vinyl in the various bits around Brick Lane market, although the prices can be eye-watering.

My favourite London shop for new reggae (that still exists) is Soul Jazz on Broadwick Stree in Soho. Obviously, they do other genres too.


Thanks - I was maybe going to visit Camden Market too. Is there anything up that way, apart from hordes of tourists?

Sole Jazz is great, and I spend more than I should on their website. Personally, I’d leave Brick Lane out of it; their prices are stupid. Of course if you want smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels then Brick Lane is great,

I’ve been to that Rough Trade before, and to the Flashback store in Crouch End. Both worth visiting in my limited experience. Just wondering if there are any gems hidden away…

Sorry, I forgot about Flashback. Camden was crap the last time I went there and is impossible to navigate on a weekend without a machete.


Ladbroke grove /Portobello rd

Honest Jon’s in Portobello road. :muscle:


Got to get me a route plan sorted, with pub stops.

Soul Jazz is the label, Sounds of The Universe the shop. There and Phonica are the best two left in Soho. Not sure if either fit your brief for feedback etc.too closely though.

Berwick Street is a disappointment really, Sister Ray is still there but a pale shadow of it’s former self.

Daddy Cool moved from there to Wood St in Walthamstow years back. I think he’s retired now. Vinyl Vanguard and Mike’s are still going in the indoor market there.

Never taken to Rough Trade East, never as good imo as West or the old Covent Garden store. Whenever I have been there, I’ve usually come out with a book or something other than actual music.

Flasback are not bad, Essex Rd usually the one I go to (occasionally)

Out on The Floor are still going in Camden but there is no other reason to go there really, for record shops anyway.

Crypt of The Wizard on Hackney Road might cross over into your tastes.

Cosmos in Dalston is my current fave, but that’s jazz and er, cosmic rather than drone et al. They have some psych though.

I used to love visiting Terrapin Trucking co. In Crouch End…long gone but Zi see they have moved to Barnet and are based in Slims Record Shop.

Kristina Records in Stoke Newington I have yet to try but might be good.

Cafe Oto has some records and cds on the weirder side of things.

Their south-of-the -river equivalent, Rye Wax, in Peckam is similar. I liked it there when I visited.


Crypt Of The Wizard looks right up my alley :+1::metal:

Thanks to all for the recommendations. Managed Rough Trade, Flashback, Crypt Of The Wizard and Sounds Of The Universe before my feet fell off.

I very much like COTW. :metal::skull::metal:

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Get anything good ?

The Orb - No Sounds Are Out Of Bounds (blue vinyl)

Bathory - Hammerheart

Colonel Elliott & The Lunatics - Interstellar Reggae Drive

Plus a Crypt Of The Wizard T-shirt because metal reasons, and the chap running it was very friendly.


Don’t know Colonel Elliott & The Lunatics, so will have to look into them :+1: