Looking for a phono stage

Found on a dodgy site, but I’m trying to line up a decent phono stage, anyone had one of these? Struggling to get in touch with the seller thanks to the 'megashitestore’

@browellm has one. It’s very good.

Edit: Or maybe his is the 1500…

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No I don’t :smiley:

@pmac used to have one.

Friend has one, excellent stage, can’t be fucked to follow the link but be wary of the “heavily modified” bit - if done by someone competent, fine, if not - it’s worth a fair slice less than a standard unit.

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I just realised. 1500?


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Ok.:blush: in that case, the 1500 is very good. Don’t know about the 1200. :smile:

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The H1200 is a good PS.

I think @Myrman bought mine after I bought a Vida.

At that price it is good value and if the mod’s were done by Open Door (which they appear to be) he is competent enough

Allnic’s 1200 & 1500 are both very nice stages :+1:

The 1500 is a fair leap above the 1200 though.

Yeah but at each respective price point I think they’re pretty good.


I have the HS1201. It is pretty good, and as mentioned decent value for money. It is slightly laid back so a decent match to a lyra. I wouldn’t want to chance it with a cartridge that was on the warmer side of neutral unless I was going to listen to Ella Fitzgerald 24/7.

1201 is a lot better than the 1200, which I found very average. Worth saving for a 1500 though. Everybody I know who has had an Allnic device has had to send it off to be mended.

Mine was fine, although I have heard of others having ‘issues’

I had to borrow a phono stage from you while mine went back to the doctor. I must return yours at some stage…

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I’ve not had mine mended. It did need a new set of valves though.

I’ve heard that 1200 here, wasn’t any better than my Trichord Diablo and sounded like the stereotypical valve stage in comparison , lovely midrange but softer bass.

Depending what you’ve got it may suit? Keith’s a good fella too most active on Lenco Heaven.

Pop over then :smiley:

Apart from me - my 1500 is still going strong no repair from new.