Lopwell 5 "back from the ashes to burn again" june 9th -11th 2023



put yourself in the middle and picture that live no fast moment…

the gods and particularly the church redeemer are giving us another year …

As ever the format remains the same

sign up and never regret the day you did. No guarantee.
The weekend is a socialist wet dream, all tickets are £45, wherever you lay your hat that’s your home.

accommodation is,
bunkhouse roar and snore
Jim top middle and bottom PAID
crimson monkey PAID
pink blancmange, possibly no custard, definitely no mustard - cried off wanted to be a parent
bob c PAID
stepmotheratomicbum PAID
Pmac. PFogg pass
kencoman PAID!
coco PAID
Monitor gold PAID
Boxofwine sap. PAID

car park dogging spot
rmshipbroker PAID
browellm PAID
Tricky micky PAID
valvebloke PAID

fireside camping
Free space

fluffy pillow brigade
kevin PAID

stu PAID
murrayjohnson PAID
ruprecht PAID

Day release

just add your name and how you sleep to the thread. i will then ping a DM with payment details in the not too distant future

Officially it is 14 when the bunk house is full

MORE IMPORTANTLY, Im also pleased to announce the raffle will be definitely be ON. for those too far away this will be a live stream event and tickets will be still available even after the winner has pretended to flounce






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Bunk please

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Car park please

Bunk please.

Not yet a given that I can 100% make it but I’ll be sounding out dog sitter etc. tomorrow.

It might not be resolved for a good few days but happy to pay in anticipation of a positive outcome.


Bunk, although I could sleep in the van if over subscribed. :+1:


Bunk, please, but will confirm soon. Need to rearrange some stuff!

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I can’t make it this year, enjoy chaps!

Car park please. I’ve got to fix a small leak somewhere around the car’s rear window, but just in case that doesn’t get done can I ask that you cancel any rain you had planned for that weekend. Cheers.

I’ll also get to work building credit with Mrs VB which I’ll cash in for bakewells.


I can’t make it :cold_sweat:

The stuff can’t be rearranged and I don’t think that substitutes can be found :frowning:


There’s a guy at work who looks a bit like you but I don’t know if he can do sloe gin or if he has any coffee weighing scales.

Can’t means won’t.


The girl has a climbing away thing in the Peaks, to which Claire is taking her. We have said that the boy can’t go as (1) it’s her thing not his, and (2) it’s in the middle of his GCSEs.

He could go, and would be happy to do so, but I’m not sure I can say he can go now, just because it would be convenient for me over what we said was best for his GCSEs.

It’s annoyingly complicated being a parent.


You will be a better parent having decompressed around the fire


Damn shame, Adam you will be missed…

There will be a seat torched in your honour should you not find the will or the way to find a path to the outpost of the church redeemer

Cognac ordered to get here in time :crossed_fingers:


Just a heads up to all, I will need to pay the outstanding amount before the end of April.

Same format as before PayPal friends.

If you have lost or don’t know know my PayPal drop me a DM

Paypal’d across J. Let me know if it doesn’t show up.

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