This year has disappointed in a new and viciously unexpected way. The prizes are actually good!

We have a watch that isn’t gopping (Cheers @Mrs_Maureen_OPinion )
An ice tray to impress your mother in law, (Cheers @coco
Some music (Cheers @stu )

Another record from @rmsshipbroker

"Simon & Garfunkel " from @catcando

Some coffee Related thing from @Jim

… the highly anticipated ‘herring rouge’.

Every penny raised goes to the running of this fine space.

Entry is £5 per ticket. Paid direct to the usual AA PayPal or bank account.

Just post your name with Paid next to it and you go in the hat.

Needless to say if you don’t buy a ticket you are a cunt.

P.S It’s not too late to donate a prize

Right thinking entrants:

AmDismal x1
Stu x1
Guy x1
Catcando x1
Bob c x1
Waxy x2
John Stepmother x2
Malbec x2
Gyroscope x2
Kev x2
omsoc x2
Mrs_Maureen_OPinion x-3
*JIM x4 !!
Wayne x2
Mickbald x2
Mickyricky x2
freefallrob x4 !!
rmsshipbroker x1
Paul PMAC x2
Mark browellm x2
SAP7 x1
husky981 x(-)2
Myrman x2
SJS x2
Cobbler x2
Matt & Stronzi x4

MJ2 x2
Octh x?
Spacehopper x2
Mr. Lovebucket x1
Pete Coco x2
MonitorGold 10 x2
Algonquin x1
Big Lebowski x2
A_Touch_of_Cloth x2


Can I still buy a ticket though?


Not convinced it will redeem, please proceed.

I will send something for the raffle, with Petior.


I have bunged in a fiver

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Ticket purchased. Haven’t decided where to moor the yacht yet. Working on it.


What is the AA paypal account?
I have it set up for recurring payments, but is not there for one time payment?
Found it.
Paid for raffle ticket.

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Only one correct answer to that question.


Ticket bought
I’ll have the watch please :+1:

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Ticket bought, also bought some insurance inase i win something :).

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Ticket procured.

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The cost of not carrying porta-axe

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Shame the covers rubbish or this would be going in

Or this

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Don’t forget the pot o’sticky-plastic :ok_hand:

Something for the Lopwell Coffee crew?


Just like starting over again

I’m going all in with double bubble

2 tickets waiting for punishment and thrills

You are in the baller leagues with the likes of @Kevin A*

2 tickets please.
Paid :+1:

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