Lopwell raffle 2024

I’ve got a sealed copy of The Smile, A Light for Attracting Attention I can throw into the pot.
Pre-ordered it drunk, forgot I had, then pre-ordered it again hungover as fck the following day. I was rather surprised when two copies showed up on release day.


Excellent and thank you, silver linings and all that !

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The free raffle ticket offer broke the last dam of resistance to parting with it.


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How does this work! Im still translating this place?

Can I put a pair of Kimber hero xlr forward!


Get rid of the stuff you don’t need but cant be arsed selling, even though it’s worth a few quid, in an effort to demonstrate how altruistic you are.

Plus you get a free ticket to win something you probably don’t want.

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Sounds like a plan

Edit: Kimber hero it is


Many thanks first of all for your kind offer. Forums have a few options in terms of running costs:

  1. Advertising - this means you have to manage content, language and basically behave or 2) Be self supporting through member contributions. The Raffle is one of the ways we generate a little towards costs - Mostly people just PayPal a few £ a month.

Late raffle donation - won this in Chelsea Dave’s music sale raffle, it’s out with @Myrman at the moment but I’d like to donate it as a raffle prize


Fabulous and thank you. is it possible to hold until closer to the time or would you like to send it in now?

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Whatever you prefer, happy to hold onto it until needed :+1:

Many thanks, I’ll start collecting the prizes together in May.

Once again thank you - great prize!

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I’ll hold onto the kimbers until you’re ready also

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A couple of books I’d be happy to throw into the raffle prize pot if interested @Ruprecht ?


100% this would be great

Nice one - I’ll add them to the pile :+1:

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Chucking a nice Benefits A2 gig poster in; embrace your inner punker.

Double giving since all proceeds go / went to a children’s charity in Dormanstown*. 41.2% of children in Middlesbrough live in poverty.

* drive-by “Fuck you. Die screaming” to Nadine Dorries for Dorman Long.



Another iconic building gone from Teesside skyline .

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