Lopwell raffle 2024

I was wondering it these would be of interest as a raffle prize for Lopwell ?

AKG 702 open backed cans (have the removable lead obvs)


100% yes and thank you ! Fantastic !

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We got c**t stencils this year.
I’d say that’s a welcome addition!

(Said with tongue firmly in cheek as the gifts were a scream).

I might have a Sony TA-246E amp as well but that might be a bit more problematic logistically.

I’m happy to donate a few records if wanted.

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Absolutely !! Most generous - most thoughtful. !

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Keep it coming fellas, d’Artagnan for all

I can keep a hold of the headphones until nearer the time if that keeps things simpler ?

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Good thinking, simple is good !

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Due to our eventual house move I’m sure I’ll have a suitable box or boxes for the amp and headphones kicking about.

I’ll check the amp is working ok before committing it but I can send the stuff from here to the lucky winners which might keep things even simpler ?

I somehow managed to buy 2 copies of Spiritual Jazz 14: PRIVATE
Will chuck a new unplayed copy into the raffle pot


I’m hoping this year the raffle will be attractive to all members this year. This being the case, there’s a chance the winner may not physically be at the Lopwell draw. This would mean the amp enjoys the perils of double shipping —> to me —> winner. Or a single shipment from you to winner —> In which case I’d send you the shipping cost.

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Don’t be daft I’ll cover the postage costs :+1:

Everyone kindly donating gets a free raffle ticket.


:scream: Can I withdraw my offer?


x2 in the herring rouge category for you

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I might have other stuff that comes to light once I start packing up the house to move :grinning:

     **Donations / Updates / suggestions and guilt tripping live here.**
  • Donors receive good karma and a free raffle ticket in the ‘herring rouge’ category.

  • Please hold on to your kind donations until May 2024

  • All funds raised go to the running of this here home for the bewildered.

A number (to be determined) of records offered here. Some may even be of interest, who knows?


AKG 702 open-backed headphones and (probably) a Sony TA-246E Integrated amp.

Maybe a couple of other bits and bobs yet to be determined (unearthed) :grinning: