Lopwell System

For fear of being lost among images of bikini clad men, kiki Dee, pyrotechnic suggestions - it may be mildly important to clarify what the system is this year.

Guy StSt TT (Potentially some yard long amps?) Hana cart / R2R
Matt AN S7 SUT
Wayne - Vida R2R
Adam JBL’s ?
Big Lob Modwright Pre
Kevin M7 Pre

  • Stands / cables / extension leads etc will be required and most likely forgotten.

Rave roadshow.

Please to add Confirmations / corrections and additions

I have cables not wanky foo type ones though

CD player?

A Pre might be handy

I’ll bring the R2R and I guess Wayne may as well.

If Kev wants to bring his Kuzma instead I’m easy with that.

Line Stage?


The JBLs are coming. They’re single wire, so gratuitously expensive foo cables are de rigeur surely.

@browellm for a line stage?

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Yep I’m bringing 2x R2Rs to add to Guys R2R.

Also planning to bring the Vida as long as we still need a phono stage.

I’ll also bring a couple of interconnects too.


I can bring my cable lifters,though one of them is playing up a bit and could do with a service.


Rave system is coming and I am bringing a loaner Perreaux 3150 power amp for red-donkey. Hopefully, also collecting a fixed Croft EL84 amp from @Valvebloke, but no worries if not fixed.

So; JBL EON 1500 speakers on poles, Hafler pre/power, Micromega DAC and a laptop for the rave system. It has a DVD player on the laptop and VLC media player (W7). No problem with USB sticks etc… being plugged in with your music on it. Micromega has USB input along with co-ax and toslink.

Can bring foo cabling if required.


Should be fixed Bob, all being well. I had it running on a mocked up power transformer, and the rewound one that’s now here looks a lot better than that setup.


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I’ve got a Modwright LS 36.5 pre I can bring.

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I’ve got various but I prefer the idea of a collaborative shambles being thrown together!

list updated

Can bring M7 pre if needed.
Would rather not drag the Kuzma down if Guy doesn’t mind bringing a TT.

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Wot, no shakti? :slightly_frowning_face:

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List updated again

Just for you.


I’d bring the 401 SME but the plinth’s too fecking huge.


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Is the new Kiki Dee song “Don’t Go Breaking My Plinth”?