Lost V5

Trading my bike in tomorrow and the V5 is lost.

Anyone know if DVLA are able to fast track a replacement?

You can do it by telephone. Just phone dvla and press buttons to get you through the menu.

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So in theory I can part ex tomorrow and send a letter to DVLA.
I hope the dealer is happy with that idea…

Has anyone done that?

No, so it’ll be interesting how you get on!

I can imagine they might want additional proof that you own the bike, or may want to talk to the DVLA…

Same dealer I purchased the bike from, have receipts and they did the services.
I hope that’s enough.


Apply by phone

Apply by phone if you’re the registered keeper on the log book that’s gone missing or is damaged.

You need to pay ÂŁ25 by debit or credit card.

You can’t apply by phone if your name, address or vehicle details have changed. You have to apply by post instead.

It can take up to 5 days to get the replacement log book.

Ah, in that case yes, hopefully they won’t give you any bother.

Good luck! I still miss the R1.

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Maybe it’s something telling me I really don’t need all that power…

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Get yerself a nice bicycle with pedals and stuff. Suit you that would.

I have 3 already.

Motorbikes are better.

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Anyhoo. Hope you have a super fun jolly time on yer new bike. Dealer should hopefully be okay with it.

I’m OK, I know how to ride.

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So, what happened?

My driveway earlier…


Great stuff. Fun ?

Oh yes!

Offensively out though.

Nice one.

I still don’t like motorbikes though. Not that it matters one iota.

Horses courses innit