Loudspeaker suggestions

One of my German colleagues is looking for loudspeaker suggestions. He has a Marantz NR1200 receiver (75 watts) in a 30 m2 room, and a budget of €1000-3000. Floorstanders preferred. Ideas?

Haven’t heard them but Peter Tyson have got a part-ex pair of of Q Acoustics Concept 500 for £2,400.

At the lower end the Concept 40s are under a grand.

I’ve been impressed with their standmounts.

I have heard them and, so long as there is a bit of space and he’s not pushing for live Prodigy volume levels from the Marantz, that’s a very good call.

As he is based in Germany, I thought the Heco Direkt might be a good shout

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I’d also say, I’ve just finished testing a pair of Triangle Borea BR08s and they are outfuckingstanding for £899.


In the Berlin area ex demo for EUR 1680:


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Is that how you’ll say it in the review? :slight_smile:

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