Lovely CD Players

Second Hand. £7500 from Sunderland. 47 Labs Tri-Tracer cd Drive.

They sound significantly better if you put a bowl over the top of them so they are in the dark. Less light interference with the laser.

Price is a joke surely?

They are €25000 new. This one is 2 years old. A bargain.

Have you read the bit about them mistracking CDs?

It’s not lovely…

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CD players seem far more antiquated than record players these days.

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Overpriced wank.


I don’t think that is fair, there are a lot more overpriced wank things out there. When I did the blackout thing with the owner of said 47 Labs CD spinner, he was gobsmacked if a little annoyed.

47 Labs never been temped myself, they always seem to have cheap crap in a black / silver box.

The thread title is an oxymoron


25 grand for a CD player - that’s overpriced even for one that plays in day fucking light.

Of course, 47Labs’ idea of a twin contra rotating platter TT was a damn good one…:wink:

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Meh, wonky wank…or is that wanky wonk?

That was in 2004 so maybe it has been improved?

Here it is Jim just for you. :heart_eyes:

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You’re not in a position to call anything wanky after being the proud owner of that steaming pile of naim that you used to call a system :laughing:


Ooooooooh, who tweaked your farmers today then grumpy bollocks?