Low energy hifi

So what could I buy for a second system that would be ultra low energy use (can’t justify my 300w power amp and multiple valve pre Phonos for daytime background music)

Thinking cheap 2a3 low wattage valve amp and efficient speakers plus a streaming type source

Needs to look great and sound fab of course and smaller the better as small room

Solar panel, inverter, battery, hi-fi.

Something horny and a little T-Amp.

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Stereo pair of Sonos Ones. EQ with iPhone :slightly_smiling_face:

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All in one streamer linked to a pair of active speakers?

Penniless out-of-work musician. If you can get her to play something lively she might even be a net energy contributor.


Buy my 201s. Any amp will drive them. I’ll even add the t-amp for free fun👍

Fucking 'ell, sale of the century forum beckons

Live from Norwich… It’s the quiz of the week… It’s the Sale of the Century *

*except I’m not in Norwich

Blatant sales pitch - these speakers and a low powered amp. I have a connection with the seller, it is me;

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Oh, and if you can spare another 100 quid a BK Gemini II sub I am selling, to fill in the low end.
Recently sold an Allo Digione Signature, great cheap digital source, if you can find one highly recommend.

@Tons_of_fun did an actual video on this very topic.

Hopefully he has a link.