Low volume

On my Samsung 9 phone the volume on phone calls and whatsapp is very low. Has anyone got any idea how to fix it? Cheers.

Go into settings, the gear shaped symbol, sounds, volume, system volume. Adjust to suit.

I’ve done that. No change.

Does it have volume buttons? You probably need to use them to turn it up while actually on a call - modern phones have multiple volume settings depending on what you’re doing at the time.


Yes, ‘volume’ often has no effect on the call level. There should be a cog or something pop up under the volume level that shows the different settings for different things.

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Is that a direct line to your dealer :grinning:


That and the Size Launches app are both very bad apps indeed.

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Yes it does. The people receiving the calls have normal volume.

I’ve got no cogs.

Try pushing the up button while you’re on a call.

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(Samsung phone volume for speaker too low or not working - how to fix | Samsung UK)

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Have turned the phone off and back on ?

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Yes i have and i will now do it again.

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