LP Cleaning



Form an orderly queue now gents, this is clearly going to be a popular item…


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I quite like the look of this.

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So do I, especially at that price!

I HATE cleaning records and that looks easier then my RCM

And it must be quieter, than the bloody, noisy, vacuum ones.

A Merlin engine is quieter

A diy ultra sonic maybe the best and cheapest bet?
Someone here may be able to comment soon?

Why would you even think about DIY when you can buy one for less then £200?

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It’ll be deafening at some tens of kHz. People make amps which go up to those frequencies, and they claim that more limited ones degrade the sound. So we must be able to hear that high mustn’t we ?


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Maybe I would have to set it away and take the dogs for a walk. They have far better high frequency hearing than me

Online test suggests that I am unable to hear anything above 15kHz

Ultrasonic cleaners offer some benefits over wet vac but also have downsides. Label damage from fluid ingress and damage to the playing surfaces from timely drying on a rack are some of the issues I’ve heard from friends with these. In some ways I have a mental block to these due to the amount of liquid in the bath. If you are doing a batch of records you end up bathing them in their own dirt. I use an ultrasonic in the workshop and the noise sets my fillings on edge.

Forgive my ignorance… how does drying time damage a record?

Probably meant just handling records on and off a plate rack and getting accidental knocks.

Or, if still wet and drying vertically, water running onto the label?

The time aspect refereed to was simply an inconvenience, the damage aspect comes from drying on a rack.

It would depend on the design of the rack. Obviously a steel plate rack as pictured would introduce a far higher likelihood of damage but surely it isn’t beyond the wit of man to devise something better suited to the task.


I’m glad it’s not just me. My O.N. just sits there looking at me scornfully due to months of non-use.

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Is it a likeable job ? Or just a necessity?

Unlikeable necessity

One of the reasons I dumped the record player was that I just hated cleaning records. There is a lot of great classical stuff out there on cheap used vinyl, but you need to clean it first. It was just awful.