LPs for sale

Going to have to move quite a few lps on over the coming days.

Most will be new,excellent or just played once.If not in that condition,it will be stated.

Will get the first few up later.

Any Prog ?

No,not as far as i know

Then I shall close the thread :unamused:


I just need to go through what i have and see what rarely gets played.

Hmmm, I might be very interested and you are handily located for bulk vinyl pickup…

Ideally 5 albums or more where possible as i only have a few mailers for single albums,but will be some if lots want individual albums.

Pink floyd the Endless river unplayed without booklet meant to send these back last year but forgot as has a warp. £8 sokd to olan

Sleaford mods - Chubbed Up - Played once £10 olan

Wilder - Teardrop explode vg vg - £5 olan

Can - Soundtracks New & sealed £14 olan

Prince And The Revolution ‎– Around The World In A Day - New but not sealed - £10 olan

Srereo MCs - Connected New & Sealed - £12 olan

Siouxsie - Mantaray.- Opened but new - £12 olan

stones roses first album - opened but unplayed £10 olan

Love Sculpture - Forms & Feelings Vinyl VG sleeve g-Vg £10 olan

Dave Edmunds Early works 68-72 double gf Vinyl VG Sleeve G £10 olan

Interpol - Antics Vinyl G+ cover G+ £8 olan

Joe Jackson - Very Best Of VG VG £4 olan

The Jam Dig the new breed Vinyl VG Cover Good £4 olan

The Clash ‎– London Calling open but unplayed - lower spine creased/marked/slight tear £13 olan

9 x Classically type LPs.All the viny looks very good.A few need the spines of the covers regluing. £12


I’m no expert in grading,so if not happy with any let me know.

Got anything worth buying?

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Yes,dig deep and keep a classic Astra on the road.

Stu, I have a shitload of mailers if you need some, if you’re handy for Olan, you’re probably handy for me, so you’re welcome to as many as you need.

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Cheers Rob,but i’m in Devon.

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Ah, I missed the sarcasm. Sorry mate.

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Elbow and kings of convenience stu

I’m down your way next week

No probs,will be listing more next couple of days,have put them by for you.

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Few more added,will get some more up over the weekend.
Might be a few Floyd ones,but need to check condition.

I’ll nab the Erlend Oye Stu, but hold off sending it - I probably have more as you add to the list :+1:

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No probs Jim

Stu, I’ll have these 3 please:

Bossa Jazz: The Birth of Hard Bossa, Samba Jazz and the Evolution of Brazilian Fusion 1962-73 Volume 2- 2LP side one played once - £14

Portishead - Dummy played once £12

Sinatra at the sands Double gf RLP 1019 Vinyl looks very good sleeve good £15

Please hold off sending in case you list anything else I fancy.

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Few more added

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