Lumin D1 Network Streamer and Linear Power Supply

For sale is my Lumin D1 Network Streamer and Mains Cables R Us Linear Power Supply. I am the second owner of the D1. The Lumin is in excellent unmarked condition and runs the latest firmware. I used it initially via the Lumin App for iPhone & iPad outputting sound via balanced cables. More recently, I used it as a Roon endpoint via digital outputs into my Aesthetix Pandora DAC. Either way it has been rock solid in service and is simple to set up and run. It is for sale because I am now using a NUC into my Pandora via USB.

To summarise, the Lumin D1 will stream from locally stored files (e.g. on a NAS) from TIDAL and Spotify via the Lumin App and connect to internet radio. I however used it to stream from a NAS, TIDAL and Qobuz via Roon. It is fully MQA compliant.

As you can see the device comes with all instructions, accessories and the original double-boxed packaging. I will supply the device with an additional MCRU Linear Power Supply and a MCRU plug (that must be extremely good as it is very hard to get into the box).

The linear power supply provides a modest boost to performance when using the balanced outputs of the Lumin. It’s effect is less noticeable when using the digital outputs of the streamer. Again, the original packing and instructions will be provided.

There is a comprehensive review of the Lumin D1 at: The specifications and documentation for the device are here:

I am looking for £1150 including postage (but excluding insurance) in the UK for the streamer and linear power supply. I am in Liverpool if you would like to demo the device and are a serious buyer.


Just curious, I’m guessing the Pandora is a DAC?

It is a DAC.The details are here:

Hi. Is this still available or has it already sold?

I’ve sent you a PM Phil.

Thanks Olan,
Yes, I’m very interested in trying one. There are a couple for sale to the moment around the £1k mark. What are you asking for it please.
Kind regards,

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I’ve updated the PM I sent you. Can you reply to me via that please or the natives, such as @Gyroscope will get ‘helpful’.

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Having thought about it for a while, I am going to keep the Lumin. Withdrawn from sale.

@OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi could you close this for sale thread please?

If it’s not for sale I may be interested.

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Me too. How much money do you not want?

It is working properly so it is no use to you. If it were broken and fucked up/modded I might consider selling it to you. The price I wouldn’t be asking would be much higher though.


Would you take alpaca meat in part exchange?

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