Lumin D2

Anyone heard/tried one? Wondering if it is worth the extra over a s/h D1 or Bluesound Node 2i.

I use a D1 (as I think does @Myrman). I am very, very happy with it. I’ve had some very expensive streamers :thinking:, various renderers :slightly_smiling_face: and a bunch Raspberry Pi :smiley: based efforts. The Lumin is great physically and solid as a rock in terms of firmware and App. I use Roon, so the Lumin is ideal as it is Roon ready and MQA compatible. It is probably not the last word in terms of sonics, but for £1k including a foo linear power supply, who is complaining??? I couldn’t identify much difference between the D1 and D2 connected to my setup using identical el-cheapo balanced connectors and the Lumin wall wart. The D1 allows LPS faffing around, which the D2 doesn’t. I prefer the output with the LPS, but it is very marginal.

In short; the D1 is excellent. I can’t see why you would go for a D2 unless the price difference is very small. My plan is to add a decent DAC to the D1 but I’ve not been arsed to follow up on this for the 6 months the Lumin has been here.

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You could have if you used megafoo connectors :unamused:

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Shurrup dolt :laughing:. Shouldn’t you be semi-comatose on the sofa full of dinner and booze by now?

I only have one foo-ish Atlas balanced interconnect which is currently deployed to the D1. I do have several identical pairs of Atlas single ended interconnects. No fucking difference there either.

Cablez Meh-eh-fucking-eh! :laughing:


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Get to fuck you prog-bothering, crow-eating (Strayan insult just for you), safey-barbie jockey. :grin:

Merry Christmas too!

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Thanks @htm_1968, don’t fancy shelling out £1800 if it’s not ‘night and day’ (sorry, couldn’t help myself). I’ve had a hunt for a s/h D1, will wait for one to come up.
I use Roon too, via a Rpi connected via i2s to my DDDAC, but at the moment it doesn’t sound as good as other sources via spdif, hence my search for a spdif connecting streamer.

Yes I’m using a D1 as well. I’ve had it for about 3 years now. I use the spdif out into my DAC. Sonically it is hugely better than the Bluesound i also had but then it should be for the money.

What is the DAC please Nick? IIRC it is an Aestethix (spelling ??) number.

Aesthetix Romulus Signature

Bollocks, I has the misplaced h…


Never heard one of those, or anything else by them, although their phono stages are :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:. Off to do some searching on google

£13 - 14K


Nice looking DAC though…

I bought it from them. Got a nice deal on the DAC and a Rhea Sig phonostage.

Ah damn, they don’t accept Paypal :joy:

Recall that you bought Ian’s Meitner, this much be some serious kit to beat that, The MA-1 is still a reference point for me, first top quality digital I heard.

I did indeed. A fine piece of kit.